I. Koulakov
I. Abkadyrov
Arifi N. Al E. Deev
S. Droznina E.I. Gordeev A. Jakovlev
Khrepy S. El R.I. Kulakov Y. Kugaenko A. Novgorodova
S. Senyukov N. Shapiro T. Stupina
M. West

Выпуск: 5 , Том: 122 , Год издания: 2017
Сериальное издание : Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth
Страницы: 3852-3874


The Klyuchevskoy group of volcanoes (KGV) in Kamchatka includes three presently active volcanoes (Klyuchevskoy, Bezymianny, and Tolbachik) located close together in an area of approximately 50x80km. These three volcanoes have completely different compositions and eruption styles from each other. We have analyzed new data recorded by a temporary seismic network consisting of 22 seismic stations operated within the area of Tolbachik in 2014-2015 in conjunction with the data from the permanent network and the temporary PIRE network deployed at the Bezymianny volcano in 2009. The arrival times of the P and S waves were inverted using a local earthquake tomography algorithm to derive 3-D seismic models of the crust beneath the KGV as well as accurate seismicity locations. High-resolution structures beneath the Tolbachik volcanic complex were identified for the first time in this study. The tomography results reveal three different types of feeding system for the main KGV volcanoes. The basaltic lavas of the Klyuchevskoy volcano are supplied directly from a reservoir at a depth of 25-30km through a nearly vertical pipe-shaped conduit.