C. Colpaert
B.L. Nikitenko
S.N. Khafaeva

Выпуск: 1 , Том: 58 , Год издания: 2017
Сериальное издание : Russian Geology and Geophysics
Страницы: 70-86


Investigation of the Upper Callovian to Lower Kimmeridgian microfossils from the Makar'yev reference section (Unzha River, East European Platform) has been carried out. The section is characterized by ammonite debris and abundant associations of benthic and planktic foraminifers. It is a perfect object for stratigraphic and paleoecological researches. The biostratigraphic distribution of foraminifers from the Makar'yev section allows one to identify standard foraminifera zones of the East European Platform, as well as to upgrade some of them. The analysis of vertical and lateral ammonites and foraminiferal distribution, completed with litho stratigraphy, has precised the stratigraphic volume and position of boundaries of several lithological units. An improved stratigraphic scheme for the Kostroma area of the Moscow Depression is proposed. Analysis of the composition, structure, and dynamic changes of the foraminiferal assemblages has been performed. The morphofunctional analysis of foraminiferal genera has for the first time identified how foraminiferal morphogroups differing in their life style and feeding strategy varied with short-term paleoenvironmental changes. These morphogroup changes allow establishing four ecostratigraphic levels.