The 1st Annual World Congress of Geophysics (WCG-2014), which will be held during September 16-18, 2014 in Taiyuan, China.

WCG-2014 features a very strong technical program, mainly focused on: Geophysical Field Theory and Applications, Earth Structure and Geodynamics, Computational Geophysics, Exploration Geophysics, Natural Hazards and Geophysics, Energy and Geophysics, Geophysics and Society. It aims to provide a platform for all experts from academia, industry and national labs to discuss latest hot researches and achievements. Attendees will hear world-class speakers discussing the challenges and opportunities facing the Geology and Geophysics field. The business & academic experts who are from home and abroad will give excellent keynote speeches.

The organizing committee pleased to welcome you to join the congress and have a presentation at Sym 802: Innovative Exploration Geophysical Technology for Oil and Gas during the conference. Your participation will definitely make a great contribution to this event!

We are especially interested in presentations in the following major aspects:

Symposium 1: Current Research of Geophysics
Symposium 2: Next Generation Geophysical Technologies
Symposium 3: Digital Earth and Computational Geophysics
Symposium 4: Dust, Aerosol and Climate Change
Symposium 5: Near Surface Geophysical Approaches
Symposium 6: Hydrology and Marine Deepwater Geophysics
Symposium 7: Explore the Deep Earth's Interior
Symposium 8: Applications of Exploration Geophysics
Symposium 9: Environmental and Engineering Geophysics
Symposium 10: Geophysics and Hazards Reduction
Symposium 11: Agricultural Geophysics
Symposium 12: Geophysical Prospecting for Archaeology and Culture Heritage Protection
Symposium 13: Young Geophysicist Research

In order that you can learn the conference details and scientific program quickly, please visit the conference website at