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19 октября в 14:00 в большом конференц-зале ИГМ/ИНГГ СО РАН  состоится очередная лекция по программе Distinguished lecturer общества SPE.

Лектор: Surej Kumar Subbiah, главный геомеханик компании Schlumberger по Среднему Востоку

Biography: Surej Kumar Subbiah is the principal geomechanics lead in the Middle East at Schlumberger and is based in Abu Dhabi. He spent the first 5 years of his career in an academic environment as a research associate and a lecturer before joining Schlumberger. With 20 years of experience, Subbiah has been involved in many applied geomechanics projects from well-centric to 3D field scale, and conducted training courses in geomechanics for NeXT Oil and Gas Training and Competency Development (a Schlumberger company), SPE Netherlands, and SPWLA Abu Dhabi. He holds BS and MS degrees in petroleum engineering from the University of Technology in Malaysia, with specialization in geom

Название доклада: Minimize Operational Risk Using Shared Geomechanical Earth Model

Abstract: Stuck drillpipe, lost hole, severe mud losses, unable to hydraulically fracture the formation, well shut down because of sand production, early water breakthrough. Sound familiar? These incidents can cost E&P companies millions of dollars. Geomechanics combines geology, geophysics, petrophysics, and rock mechanics to describe state of earth stresses and rock mechanical properties. This can be done along a single wellbore or in 3D field scale, and the results are presented in the shared geomechanical earth model. The model helps in the understanding and managing of the risks associated with rock deformation, which help to minimize operational risks for the life of the field from exploration to abandonment. Examples include wellbore instability, sand production, hydraulic fracturing, injectivity, subsidence, compaction, fractures reactivation, and thermal effects. The presentation aims to increase awareness of how one and the same shared geomechanical model can be used by different departments in an E&P company for their operational planning, with focus on drilling and completion activities.

Лекция будет проходить на английском языке.

Лекция организована Новосибирской секцией SPE, приглашаются все желающие.