​The Visiting Student Research Internship Program is an opportunity for exceptionally qualified baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate students to conduct research with faculty mentors in selected areas of basic and applied research projects. The duration of the program ranges from between four and six months, depending on the research project.​

o Apply for any of the Internship projects below, please complete and email this form to vsrp@kaust.edu.sa.

Note: Beginning and end dates for each internship will be agreed upon between the Faculty and the Intern.  Visa processing time will be a determining factor in actual start date.  Minimum period is four months.  Maximum period is six months. Selected applicants will be interviewed by Skype and notified of their acceptance.

Applicants must have:

Completed a minimum of their third year of baccalaureate studies OR completed their baccalaureate (Bachelor’s degree) OR be pursuing a post- baccalaureate (Master’s degree). Currently enrolled KAUST students, KAUST Alumni, students who are currently in a PhD program or those who have earned a PhD are not eligible to participate.

A cumulative grade point average (GPA) that exceeds 3.50 /4.00 ( 14/20: Equivalent to ECTS B) with some research projects requiring a 3.60 or higher.

Demonstrated English reading comprehension, speaking, listening and writing abilities.

Official academic transcript(s) or a certified translation if the original transcript(s) is not in English.

The recommendation of a faculty member in the field of study from current and previous schools of enrollment.

 Valid passport.

Internship projects