The conference is focused on the following topics:

1. Evolution of plume magmatism and related large igneous provinces (LIPs) in the Earth’s history.

2. Age intervals, duration and structure of LIPs.

3. Deep mantle sources and role of plumes in the LIP formation.

4. Deep mantle geodynamics, models of mantle plumes and problems of plume-lithosphere and mantle-core interaction in the Earth’s history.

5. The role of plumes in the subcontinental lithospheric mantle formation and modification.

6. Specific metallogeny of LIPs as variation of size and composition.

7. Ore-magmatic systems of LIPs, their fluid regime and formation factors, prediction and searching criteria for huge and unique mineral deposits.

8. Effects of LIPs on the environment, climate change and natural disasters.

General Information

Conference Languages: The official languages of the conference are English and Russian. All presentations and posters are to be prepared in English. We encourage the Russian participants to present their talks in English. Those participants who are not comfortable with this are kindly advised to arrange for interpretation through their bilingual colleagues (own preliminary agreement required) or to consider participation in a poster session. 

Registration Online registration is available at the conference website:​