G. Reshetova

: Society of Petroleum Engineers - SPE Russian Petroleum Technology Conference 2019, RPTC 2019 (Moscow, 22 - 24 October 2019)

We develop a numerical method to perform virtual experiments with 3D digital core sample. To recover the fine geometry structure of the skeleton of these 3D digital core samples we use high-resolution 3D Computer Tomography images. To compute effective elastic moduli we perform virtual numerical experiments by numerical solution of 3D elastic static problem with this core sample with recovered geometry of void porous space. We compute the energy of deformations and on these base reconstruct compliance/stiffness tensors. The numerical experiments with different sets of heterogeneous core samples proved fairy well coincidence of the effective elastic parameters computed via our approach with the same predicted by well-known approximations, like Schoenberg's one. It worth mentioning that to create the digital twin of the core sample we need High Performance Computers with parallel architecture for virtual laboratory experiments.