V. Lisitsa
D. Vishnevsky
A. Shevchenko A. Ivlev I. Romanchenko A. Olyunin Y. Pavlovsky D. Litvichenko
M. Tarakanovsky V. Demin

: EAGE. Saint Petersburg 2020. Geosciences: Converting Knowledge into Resources (Saint Petersburg, Russia, 6-9 April 2020)

In this paper, we present a technology of seismic processing optimization based on full wavefield modelling. We focused on the pre-Jurassic formation of the Tomsk region. First, we designed the model, where we include for typical objects, such as the effusive complex, the organogenic structures, the elements of the weathering crust, cavernous\fractured limestone, cavernous bauxites, and the acidic intrusions. Second, we simulated full-azimuth seismic data for extremely dense acquisition system with the fold of up to 1000. Next, we applied the quality control procedures to confirm that simulated data can be used for the processing, inversion and imaging.