I.A. Vishnevskaya E.F. Letnikova A.I. Proshenkin A.V. Maslov V.V. Blagovidov D.V. Metelkin
N.S. Priyatkina

: Doklady Earth Sciences

Application of the method of isotope stratigraphy showed that the 87Sr/86Sr ratio in the least altered carbonate rocks of the Severnaya Rechka and Sukhaya Rechka formations in the Vorogovka Group of Yenisei Ridge ranges from 0.70813 to 0.70828, and δ13C varies from -0.7 to +1.8‰. Comparison of these data with similar data for the Late Precambrian sequences from other regions provides evidence for the Vendian age of the Vorogovka Group. This is supported by the results of LA ICP-MS U-Pb dating of detrital zircons from sandstone of the Severnaya Rechka Formation, which is the basal level of the group: the mid-weight age of the youngest zircon population is 584 ± 3 Ma.