V. Cheverda
V. Lisitsa
M. Protasov
G. Reshetova
M. Salischev D. Sjemin M. Pervunin S. Jigulsky Y. Pavlovsky M. Tarakanovsky

: EAGE. Saint Petersburg 2020. Geosciences: Converting Knowledge into Resources (Saint Petersburg, Russia, 6-9 April 2020)

The object of the research is a three-dimensional digital seismic-geological model of a real geological object and the corresponding field observations, both by the method of vertical seismic profiling and surface acquisition. The purpose of the work is as follows: 1. Construction of a digital structural model and its verification by comparing field observations and individual synthetic data sets; 2. Constructing a synthetic data set for a structural model for an areal excitation and registration system with a given overlap; 3. Construction of a model of a fractured medium based on the use of DFN and application of the concept of ideal seismic images. 4. Calculation of total wave fields for a fractured medium and analysis of the contribution made by the presence of fracturing.