M. Novikov
V. Lisitsa

: EAGE. Saint Petersburg 2020. Geosciences: Converting Knowledge into Resources (Saint Petersburg, Russia, 6-9 April 2020)

In our study, we investigate the correlation between seismic attenuation and fracture connectivity in fractured porous fluid-saturated media. In particular, wave-induced fluid flow attenuation mechanism manifests itself between fracture-filling material and background as well as within intersecting fractures. To estimate seismic wave attenuation concerning fracture connectivity, we first statistically generate fracture networks with different percolation length through whole fracture system. Then we perform numerical modeling of plane wave propagation within generated models. Using resulting wavefields, we numerically estimate frequency-dependent attenuation. Both cases of high-permeable and almost non-permeable background are considered. Results show that the dominant parameter affecting attenuation is fracture connectivity. However, attenuation increase with connectivity increase is caused by intensifying fracture-to-background WIFF, while fracture-to-fracture WIFF remains local and depends mostly on local fracture connectivity.