A.B. Kuzmichev M.K. Danukalova G.N. Aleksandrova V.A. Zakharov A.B. Herman B.L. Nikitenko
V.B. Khubanov E.V. Korostylev

: Stratigraphy and Geological Correlation

The model of geological structure of sedimentary cover of the Laptev Sea accepted by most geologists suggests that the lower seismic complex of the cover begins by the Aptian-Albian sedimentary rocks. They can be studied in natural outcrops of Kotelnyi Island. The section of the Tuor-Yuryakh Trough, which exposes the lower part of the Cretaceous complex, is described in the paper. It is composed of continental coaliferous rocks similar to 100 m thick. The marking beds divide it into five members, which are traced along the western wall of the trough at the distance up to 3 km. The spore-pollen complexes and plant megafossils indicate that almost the entire visible section of the mid-Cretaceous is Albian. Only its lower part no more than 14 m thick can probably belong to the Aptian. Marine facies with Albian foraminifers were found 15 m above the bottom of the Cretaceous complex. The section of the Cretaceous rocks is underlain by the Lower Jurassic marine clays and siltstones. The foraminifer assemblages of this part of the section are typical of the upper Sinemurian-Pliensbachian and fossil bivalves indicate late Sinemurian age of the host rocks. The hiatus similar to 70 Ma duration has no expression in the section and this boundary can de facto be substantiated only by microfossils.