D.M. Vishnevsky
D.R. Kolyukhin
V.V. Lisitsa
M.I. Protasov
G.V. Reshetova
V.A. Tcheverda
D. Qu J. Tveranger

: Doklady Earth Sciences

This paper addresses seismic imaging of fault zones and analysis of the seismic data with the use of the fault facies model developed at Uni Research CIPR. Simulated and ideal seismic images were produced to generate a statistical ensemble of realizations of this model. The comparative analysis presented in this paper is focused on the statistical characteristics of the initial geological model and its seismic images. This paper analyzes cross-correlations between seismic images and ideal seismic images. The method proposed makes it possible to establish an exact correspondence between the initial fault facies models and the seismic images of these models.