E.Y. Kovalenko A.V. Petrov I.S. Korol
T.A. Sagachenko R.S. Min Y.F. Patrakov

: Petroleum Chemistry

The composition of sulfur-bound compounds of asphalticresinous substances of bitumen from oil shale sampled from the Dmitrievskoe deposit (Kuzbass) has been studied using the technique of selective chemical destruction. It has been shown that the structure of asphaltenes and resins contains moieties represented by alkanes, phenylalkanes, phenanthrenes, fluoranthenes, pyrenes, and methyl esters of aliphatic acids that are linked to each other or to the polycondensed core of their molecules through alkyl sulfide bridges. A distinctive feature of asphaltene molecules is the presence of S-bound phenyl- and naphthene-substituted aromatic hydrocarbons and aromatic oxygen-containing compounds in their composition.