A.I. Chernova
D.V. Metelkin
V.A. Vernikovsky
N.Y. Matushkin

: Doklady Earth Sciences

This study demonstrates rock-magnetic and paleomagnetic investigations of Devonian and Mesozoic deposits of Kotelny, Stolbovoy, and Great Lyakhovsky islands. The results indicate that local remagnetization took place on the southwestern periphery on the archipelago of the New Siberian Islands. A comparison of new data with the apparent polar wander path for Siberia shows that the remagnetization happened during collisional events between 140 and 80 Ma and affected only the marginal part of the terrane of the New Siberian Islands that was directly facing the deformation front. The consistent younging of the remagnetization age from the south to the north indicates dextral rotation of the terrane of the New Siberian Islands during its collision with Siberia.